Business Analytics Course on Predictive Maintenance (CBM) – Free Video Class is giving away the class video excerpt of Business Analytics Course on Predictive Maintenance as free for all for limited time.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM), also referred to as Condition-based Maintenance (CBM), consists of set of techniques designed to help determine the condition of machines / assets during their operations and detect any abnormal behaviours that can lead to potential failures. The goal is to prevent the failures from happening, but at the same time reduce the number of inspections required.

A well designed predictive maintenance strategy can save anywhere between 30 to 80% of traditional maintenance costs by reducing the inspection intervals, optimizing the spare parts inventory, eliminating unplanned breakdowns, increasing the productivity with no-last-minute work labour schedules, so on.

This is the video excerpt of live-class that happened in the past, facilitated here with free access ($0) for everyone. .

Write to us if you are interested in attending the full business analytics course on R with predictive maintenance theme.

What is covered in the full course:

  • Introduction to the Predictive Maintenance Strategy
  • Supporting Technologies and Processes for implementing Condition-based Maintenance Systems
  • The prediction technique:
    • Introduction to Reliability and Failure Probability analysis
    • Understanding population dynamics vs individual failures
    • Estimating the failure times from previous failure data
    • Calculating the hazard rate (risk) for the next year
  • Understanding the Inspection Intervals
  • Choosing the right inspection interval
  • Warranty design
  • Deciding the best warranty for your designs

Who should attend the full course:

  • Data scientists who are looking for gaining practical insight and first-hand industry problem-solving experience on Condition-based Maintenance
  • Plant managers who are looking for ways of optimizing their maintenance operations
  • CxO executives who are interested in learning new ways of taking advantage of latest trends in Big-data and M2M Predictive analytics technologies for their organizations.

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