Data science & Big data Analytics Practice Exam and Interview Questions

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Exam Sections

1. Big Data Analytics, and the Data Scientist Role

  • The characteristics of Big Data
  • The practice of analytics
  • The role and required skills of a Data Scientist

2. Initial Analysis of the Data

  • Using basic R commands to analyze data
  • Using statistical measures and visualization to understand data
  • The theory, process, and analysis of results to evaluate a model

3. Data Analytics Lifecycle

  • Discovery
  • Data preparation
  • Model planning and building
  • Communicating results
  • Operationalizing a data analytics project

4. Advanced Analytics for Big Data – Technology and Tools

  • MapReduce
  • Hadoop Ecosystems
  • SQL OLAP extensions, Windows functions, user defined functions, and aggregates
  • MADlib

5. Advanced Analytics for Big Data

  • K-means clustering
  • Association rules
  • Linear regression
  • Naïve Bayesian classifiers
  • Decision trees
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Text Analytics

6. Analytics Project Operations and Data Visualization Techniques

  • Best practices for operationalizing an analytics project
  • Best practices for planning and creating effective data visualizations

Data Science & Bigdata Interview Questions Overview

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Data Science & big-data interview questions
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