Looking for Bigdata or Data Science Consultants?

At my-classes.com we have trained working professional with 10+ years experience on data warehousing, BI, OLAP and traditional database systems, to become masters of latest advancements in Big-data and Predictive Analytics.

We are proud to list some of the recent work we routed to our course attendees that met with highest customer satisfaction:

  • Recommendation engine system for a large online retail company
  • Order prediction system for a restaurant franchise business
  • Price Elasticity modelling for a FMCG retailer
  • Predictive maintenance system for a manufacturing plan
  • Disease spread alert system for a healthcare organization

When we queried the project owners what was the primary contributing factor for their satisfaction with the work done by our attendees, it turns out the fast response time and ability to understand the requirements clearly was given top ranking.

We also realized that most of these professionals charged very nominal prices for their projects – mostly thanks to our own (my-classes.com) prices being low, a contributing factor for a better society. We observed a price range of USD 45 to USD 235 per hour consultation rate based on the complexity of work and duration involved. Most of the times, longer and complex the project attracted lower price rates, while short, one-time projects lead to prices on higher side.

If you are a business owner looking for technology or strategy consultants who can help you build your business or strengthen your service offerings with Big-data or Predictive Analytics, let us know. We would be happy to do free referral for some of our working consultants contacts. That is the least we could do for our course attendees to help better the society.