Big data Course Training

My-Classes is pleased to anounce Big data training courses availability with below course content. Trainings are avilable through online as well as class-room mode.

Big Data Course Content

  1. Understanding Big-data
    • What is Big data and why is it needed: Definition & Concepts
    • Role in the industry
    • Expectations & Business Use-cases
    • Real-world projects utilizing big-data in the present industry
  2. Technologies in Big-data
    • Hadoop
      • Map-Reduce
        • Basics & Introduction
        • Map-Reduce methodology
        • Example use-cases
      • HDFS
        • Basics & Introduction
        • Replication concepts and importance
        • Data Loading into and out of HDFS
        • NameNode Importance
        • Job Tracker Role
        • DataNode and TaskTracker roles
    • Submitting jobs for Hadoop processing
    • Designing your programs with Map-Reduce
    • Architectural designs for HDFS
  3. Tools related to Map-Reduce
    • Pig
      • Analytics using Pig
      • Example cases with Pig-Latin
    • Hive
      • Analytics using Hive
      • Example cases with Hive QL
  4. NOSQL
    • Introduction to NOSQL Databases
    • Understanding difference between SQL and NOSQL
    • Importance of NOSQL
    • Types of NOSQL Databases
    • CAP Theorem
    • Data loading into and out of NOSQL Database
  5. Cloudera Manager
    • Administering Hadoop Clusters using Cloudera manager