You have built your brilliant Big Data App – now what?

We at My-Classes train many big data professionals and entrepreneurs, most of them leave with brilliant startup ideas, and many of them have succeeded too. It is very apparent that the general availability of big-data technologies have lowered bar to the advanced analytics helping many ideas to be tested and developed effeciently and in a timely manner. In case you are wondering, time-to-market is an important factor in making a startup succeed or fail.

Another equally important factor, after you have developed your idea into a product, is marketing and making it reach the targeted audience quick. We hear questions from our online class marketing and executive class attendees – what is the best possible way fo make your product reach the masses with low cost and high impact. One of the biggest transformations in the recent marketing industry is the adaptation of ‘social media’.

Big Data combined with social media analytics help you get the pulse of your audience. Here is a list of publicly available web application directories to get your brilliant big-data web app listed and get promoted with almost zero cost and reach your target audience for free (courtsey: Justin McGill). Go ahead and develop your great innovative ideas and list them in one or many of the below listed sites and see success. But make sure you do not misuse them.