C/C++ interoperability with other languages

C is close to the heart of many system programmers, and then there is this object oriented variant of it, namely C++, which once again has proven its worth in building large scale systems.

Now with the emergence of plethora of languages out there (some of those even making the white-space as a valid token in their syntax), it is often a quick asked by our students what are the some of the other languages that C/C++ play nicely along? Here are some for your reference:

In the industry,

    1. Python is used heavily in conjunction with C/C++ most for building configurable / scripted UI. Maya Python bindings are one of the best examples of this flexibility
    2. Lua is a scripting language that goes very will with C/C++ for building game engines and other high-performance back-ends. Being close to C in in its syntax, one can say Lua is to C what java-script is to java
    3. Not a language per se, but if you have set your eyes on building cross-platform UI applications, then you cannot do better than Qt. Qt is a C++ framework with signals, slots, files, network and a full stack of almost any component you can think of in OS, and is platform compatible across all Linux, Windows and many Mobile flavors
    4. A statistician or data analyst? Looking for high performing data-science or machine-learning algorithms? R goes nicely with C/C++ for building high-efficient Analytics and statistical methods using Rcpp.

And finally there is C#/VB.net that goes with C/C++ mostly for building .Net Interoperability, but you may never worry about it as .Net is fast becoming outdated.