How to make Access Control Lists (ACL) work for Mosquitto MQTT Broker with Auth Plugin?

If you planning to strengthening your MQTT service, then access control lists (ACL) are mandatory. Mosquitto broker supports this ACL feature through auth plugins. One versatile auth-plugin for mosquitto that you should consider using is It is very flexible, in that it can support multiple backends as auth provider databases, ranging from CDB, Redis to […]

You have built your brilliant Big Data App – now what?

We at My-Classes train many big data professionals and entrepreneurs, most of them leave with brilliant startup ideas, and many of them have succeeded too. It is very apparent that the general availability of big-data technologies have lowered bar to the advanced analytics helping many ideas to be tested and developed effeciently and in a timely […]

Configuring Network for Big data

One of the major challenges for any beginner with Big data infrastructure is: settingup the network. Here are few pionts that might ease your job. Big data networks require Gbps network (fiber optical cable). Your traiditional 10mbps or 100mbps networks may suffice for experiemental studies, but in production you may want to go with Gigabit […]

Working with AST matcher without ClangTool compilation database

When building AST Matchers for Clang, many beginners face problems running the documentation example described at LibASTMatchers Tutorial encountering errors such as: LLVM ERROR: Could not auto-detect compilation database and json-compilation-database: Error while opening JSON database: The system cannot find the file specified The tutorial described in the documentation is very straight forward and simple. […]

Interested in Big-data Research but not sure where to get the data?

Many established organizations working in big-data have well-established facilities (such as large clusters of machines and enough number of individuals to maintain those machines) that allow them to do big-data research with ease, but how about a start-up or independent researcher? How can an individual get started with creating new Big-data ideas, especially when they […]

Thread-Ring benchmark C++ implementation with Piped threads

The thread-ring is a standard benchmark challenge to validate the performance of sequential communication among parallel threads. The challenge mandates that, each program should create 503 linked pre-emptive threads (named 1 to 503) thread 503 should be linked to thread 1, forming an unbroken ring pass a token to thread 1 pass the token from […]

Looking for Bigdata or Data Science Consultants?

At we have trained working professional with 10+ years experience on data warehousing, BI, OLAP and traditional database systems, to become masters of latest advancements in Big-data and Predictive Analytics. We are proud to list some of the recent work we routed to our course attendees that met with highest customer satisfaction: Recommendation engine […]

Combining ZeroMQ and NanoMsg for Serving Web-requests

Web-requests typically follow a request-reply pattern. However, ZeroMQ has severe restrictions on using REQ-REP patterns in an asynchronous way. NanoMsg attempts to solve this strictness of REQ-REP by fusing them with reconnect capabilities and load-balancing features. While this is good, and in some sense try to mimic the behaviour of DEALER-ROUTER combination of ZMQ, they […]

Fighting Fraud with Big data Technology for Merchants

  Chargeback is the mechanism by which the consumer disputes a charge made by a merchant on their card, often mentioning the reason that the service promised by the merchant was not provided, or even worse, they did not even make the purchase. In such cases, the payment processors conditionally revert back the money to […]