Business Analytics with R – Weekend Classroom Data Science Training in Vijayawada, 26-Dec-2015

A Hands-on Practical classroom training from Cenacle Research, for professionals working in data science and machine learning. This one day weekend training covers basics of analytics and jumps straight into the practical aspects of how to solve business problems with data science. Attendees will be working hands-on on analyzing large data sets with R, solving […]

CCAH Certified Hadoop Administrator Practice Exam

  CCAH Exam Sections These are the current exam sections and the percentage of the exam devoted to these topics. HDFS (38%) MapReduce (10%) Hadoop Cluster Planning (12%) Hadoop Cluster Installation and Administration (17%) Resource Management (6%) Monitoring and Logging (12%) Ecosystem (5%) 1. HDFS (38%) Objectives Describe the function of all Hadoop Daemons Describe […]

CCDH Hadoop Developer Practice Exam

CCDH Exam Sections Infrastructure: Hadoop components that are outside the concerns of a particular MapReduce job that a developer needs to master (25%) Data Management: Developing, implementing, and executing commands to properly manage the full data lifecycle of a Hadoop job (30%) Job Mechanics: The processes and commands for job control and execution with an […]

CCSHB HBase Specialist Practice Exam

HBase Practice Exam Contents Core HBase Concepts Recognize the fundamental characteristics of Apache HBase and its role in a big data ecosystem. Identify differences between Apache HBase and a traditional RDBMS. Describe the relationship between Apache HBase and HDFS. Given a scenario, identify application characteristics that make the scenario an appropriate application for Apache HBase. […]

Real-Time Analytics: 10 Ways To Get It Right

While real-time analytics is getting more affordable, it’s still not right for everything. Here are 10 ways to get the most from real time, near real time, and batch use cases. Real time, near real time, batch. Organizations need actionable insights faster than ever before to stay competitive, reduce risks, meet customer expectations, and capitalize […]

Select your Database wisely

Accounting, transaction, and even navigation applications are based on the same basic type of structured database that has underpinned enterprise applications for the last three decades or more. So why aren’t we paying more attention to these databases? Enterprise applications. Apps. Whatever is happening in front of the user, the odds are good that a […]

Intel CEO Sees A Bright Future For IoT, Developers

Tiny computers, real-time depth sensing, and breakthrough memory technology are among the innovations featured at this year’s Intel Developer Forum. CEO Brian Krzanich detailed how connected devices will change the way we all do business. At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, Calif., on Tuesday, CEO Brian Krzanich said there’s never been a […]