Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is is an online learning environment where you can purchase access to practice exams and live-classes by expert industry professionals.

Classes: How do I register for a class?

On Courses page, once you find a suitable course you would like to attend, click on that course link to enter the course description page. On the course description page, you will have the option to take the course. If the course is a free course, you would be enrolled immediately in it. If it is a paid course, you would be redirected to the payment page to progress with the enrollment.

Classes: How do I attend a live-class?

When you register for a course, on the course description page you would see the date and time of live-class. Before the live-class starts, you will receive a mail on your registered e-mail id with a link to the live-class web meeting. Once you click on the link from the mail, you will be taken to the live class. Note that the live-classes use browser based online conference/meeting software you might have to download additionally before joining the class.

Classes: Will the live-classes be recorded and accessible afterwards?

No. Most of our instructors prefer to keep their prices low and deliver the content on-demand. However, occasionally few instructors might charge extra premium and agree to make the recordings available after the live-class. Refer to the course descriptions for any such special offers. By default, unless otherwise noted, all courses are available only as live-classes.

Practice Exams: After placing an order, how long it will take to get access?

Usually you should be able to access your purchased content immediately. However, due to payment processing gateway errors, occasionally the system may fail to complete your transaction. In such cases, you can write to us indicating your order number and we will manually resolve the order to payment completed state and that should enable your access.

In such manual entry cases, the whole process may take at-least one day to resolve your situation after receiving your mail, to verify the details and correct the situation. Please use the E-Mail address specified in the contact details for this purpose.

Practice Exams: How do I access the content I purchased?

Once you login to My-Classes you should be able to access all your registered content through the My Profile button on top of the screen.

Practice Exams: How many of these questions will appear in the real exam?

May be Zero/None, may be all. We DO NOT guarantee any questions from your practice exams to be present in your real certification exam. The goal of these practice exams is to give you a feel of the real exam and an opportunity for you to train yourself better. Please do not expect to pass the real certification exams, just by practicing these practice exams alone.

Payments: I missed the live-class, do I get a refund?

My-Classes offers a seven (7)-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee on all Courses. Please refer to the Refund Policy for details on how to request a refund.

Payments: What are the payment options available?

My-classes supports payments through credit cards and international debit cards processed via 2Checkout and Paypal.

Our 2Checkout payment method allows users to make payments in their own currency. This is recommended payment options for all customers.

While Paypal payments are allowed, it should be noted that customers registered to Paypal as Indian residents cannot use this payment method (due to some limitations on the Paypal system). They can, however, use 2Checkout Credit card option to make payments in INR directly.

Payments: How to get a Refund?

Please write to us requesting for a Refund, stating your order number and user name in .

Payments: Why are the prices so low?

Unfortunately we cannot give these exams for free, since we have to pay the hosting services, labor and additional costs. We try to keep the optimal costs that meet the requirements of both our users and our running costs.

Login: Lost my password. What to do?

On the Sign-in form (click on the Sign-in button on the homepage title menu, you will be displayed the Sign-in form) you have the Password Recovery option. Use it to reset your password.

Login: How do I change my password?

You can use the Password Recovery option on the Sign-in form to change your password. (If you are already logged-in, you may have to first Sign-out to see the Sign-in Button)

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